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ACCEL cap and rotor kits offer superior protection from ‘arc-thru’ and crossfire. Features 60k V-rated alkyd compound, stress-relieved at molding to ensure stability. Brass inserts and steel rotor springs provide for high spark energy flow.

ACCEL’s precision-ground, highly polished compression and injection molding equipment manufactures the finest Distributor Caps and Rotors available.

High-performance 60kV-rated tan alkyd molding compound (mineral-filled polyester for late model Ford & GM parts) is used for superior protection from ‘arc-thru’ and crossfire. Compression-molded caps are stress-relieved immediately after molding in special fixtures to ensure dimensional stability.
High conductivity, corrosion-resistant brass inserts, and stainless steel rotor springs provide unrestricted spark energy flow.

Weight 0.60 lbs
Dimensions 5.7 × 5.1 × 4.4 in


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