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AEM’s 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module provides incredible flexibility at an affordable price. It can convert two analog temp channels, two analog pressure channels, a tach input and fuel level input to AEMnet CAN bus, making it an easy way to add temperature, pressure, fuel level, and tachometer signals onto a CD Carbon Digital Dash Display in carbureted vehicles. Furthermore, users can add additional channels to a non-AEM ECU, dash, or logger that may be missing from an OBDII CAN stream on 08+ vehicles. The 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module by AEM supports the Bosch 20b CAN bus standard, which makes it compatible with many non-AEM devices. This module is the perfect add-on for CD Carbon Dash owners who are sending channels to a CD Carbon Dash from an OBDII CAN stock ECU and want to add additional channels that are not available through the factory CAN stream. Racers who are using a non-AEM CAN-based programmable ECU and have consumed all of the inputs can use this module to add additional channels to the dash that they want to see or log (logging requires CD Carbon Logging Dash).


The 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module includes two 0-5v analog inputs, two temp inputs, a RPM input, and fuel level input. The enclosure is IP67-rated and the unit is dustproof/water-resistant. A 12-Pin DTM-style connector and pins are included.


– Two (2) temperature (thermistor) inputs

– Two (2) dedicated 0-5V analog inputs

– One (1) dedicated fuel level input (0 to 250 Ohm range)

– One (1) tachometer/coil input

– Fixed CAN bus speed, header length, and base address

– IP67 Potted Enclosure / Sealed Connector – ‘dust tight’ and protected against water spray

– Protected inputs

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Dimensions 4.5 × 4.75 × 2.25 in

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