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AEM’s Polaris RZR Plug & Play Adapter Kit (PN 30-2219) for its CD-5 and CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays include RZR specific screen layouts designed to get you out riding with virtually no installation or setup time!

This harness provides a true plug & play connection from a CD Dash to the Polaris RZR’s factory CAN bus through the diagnostic port and receives all available channels from the factory CAN bus system. With a full-color daylight-readable screen, four main pages, a dedicated alarm page, included templates for quick startup and more, the CD-5 Carbon or CD-7 provide the perfect solution for RZR owners who want to SEE EVERYTHING in the dunes and on the trail.

Users also have the ability to modify AEM’s layouts or create custom layouts using AEM’s free DashDesign software.


Using the Polaris RZR Plug & Play Adapter Harness with the CD-5L Carbon or CD-7L Digital Dash, users can display and/or log the following channels:

– Engine Speed

– Vehicle Speed

– Boost (factory turbo RZRs only)

– Throttle

– Battery Volts

– Coolant Temp

– Gear Shifter Position

– Fuel Level – NOTE: 2013 and older vehicles may not have full channel availability including fuel level. The CD-7 will still work on these apps, but fuel level will not be displayed unless the stock dash is retained.

– Fuel Consumption Rate

– Fuel Economy Average

– Fuel Economy Instantaneous

– AWD Status

– Check Engine Light Status


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