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Linear Potentiometer for obp Motorsport Pedal Systems Our specially selected range of products that work in unison with all of our obp Motorsport core hardware. Whether you are looking for master cylinders, bias adjusters or replacement parts. obp Motorsport has you covered. Product Information: Maximum Supply Voltage: 40 VDC Resolution: Infinite Repeatability: ≤0.01mm Operational Speed: 10 m/s Mechanical Life: > 25 Million Cycles Recommended Wiper Current: < 10μA Independent Linearity: ≤ +/- 0.5% Connection & Output Details: 6 Core Cable Track 1 Red = +V Black = 0V Yellow = Signal Track 2 Brown = +V Blue = 0V White = Signal Displacement Fully Closed = +Vmax Fully Open = 0V The displacement signals may be reversed by swapping the connections to the Red & Black wires or Brown & Blue wires, providing +Vmax output when Full Open & 0V when fully closed. DO NOT connect +V supply to the Yellow and White (signal) wires, as this may cause damage to the sensor element.

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