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Improve lap times, increase car control, cut out the worry of many-years old factory parts breaking, and add a modern touch of flair to the cabin of your track car with these pedal boxes that mount directly right to the floor of the chassis with no cutting, welding or modification needed. Crafted from lightweight steel, OBP has designed a pedal box that mounts to anywhere in the car it is needed to be with little to no modification. This pedal box allows for the mounting of cylinders to remain inside the vehicle for easier maintenance, and to be able to better monitor your fluid levels. It also allows for a brake bias and adjuster to be installed in pair with the cylinders, so the operator can choose how much or how little pressure they would like towards the front or rear of the vehicle. This pedal box is designed to be mounted on the floor using a bulkhead fit. The pedals have a 4.9 – 5.45:1 ratio and the whole box weighs 7.2 lbs with bias bar, and NO master cylinders.

Weight 7.28 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 11.22 × 10.24 in

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